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Adrese: Didzioji str. 31, LT - 01128 Vilnius Datums: Otrdiena 21 mai 2019 - otrdiena 31 dec 2019 Rādīt karti

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Adrese: Didzioji str. 31, LT - 01128 Vilnius

Vilnius Pass is oriented towards tourists who want to gain better knowledge of the city. There are four types of card:
Valid for 24 hours without public transport ticket;
Valid for 48 hours without public transport ticket;
Valid for 72 hours without public transport ticket;
Valid for 72 hours with public transport ticket.

The holder of the card can use public transport of the city (with the exception of the 24 and 72 hour card without a public transport ticket), visit museums free of charge, take part in walking tours. The Card holder can obtain discounts when booking bus/mini bus tours, hiring a bike, buying tickets to concerts, paying bills at restaurants, cafes and parks, booking accommodation and wellness services, as well as buying souvenirs etc.

The card is issued for individual use and takes effect as of the moment of its acquisition.

You may acquire a card in Vilnius Tourist Information Centres

Conditions of use of the card:
72 hours Pass with public transport is valid in buses and trolleybuses;
Valid and activated card shall not be replaced and the money shall not be repaid;
One-time free-of-charge services shall be provided only upon submission of the Pass with a coupon.

A special catalogue with information about discounts is received upon the purchase of the Vilnius City Card. The catalogue is available in English, Lithuanian, German, Polish and Russian languages.

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    +370 5 262 6470
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    370 2620762
  • Ielas nosaukums 1
    Didzioji str. 31
  • Pilsēta (adrese)
    LT - 01128 Vilnius
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